Monday, October 25, 2010

Nebo loop a memory we wont forget!

One Sunday afternoon we were invited up to my sisters for a dinner for dad's birthday. Since everyone else had latter church we decided it'd be the PERFECT time to do the Nebo Loop. Ryan has always wanted to do this and knew it would be an experience he would NEVER forget!
We were so excited when we reached the summit! It was all down hill after that!!
We made several stops along the way. Sophie decided to get sick on our way. We weren't even 10 mins. into the loop before her first accident.

But what a perfect time to stop and walk around and enjoy the beauty around us!
Warner and Abbi wanted to bring home every leaf they touched. They were so excited to pick and see so many different colors. The other day Warner told me "Mom, it's fall time" Me, Yes it is Warner, how did you know? Warner "Because the leaves are different colors". It's so fun watching him learn and grow!

Sophie's next mishap happened to be at the perfect spot. There was a little trail that Ryan and the kids went on while I changed the diaper. They came back to get me. It was something you wouldn't want to miss. It was a mini Bryce Canyon. The coolest thing ever!
After all of Sophie's troubles, Abbi decided to get car sick. This short little trip took us 5 hours to finish. It definitely is a memory we will NEVER forget!! It was worth it though!

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