Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

December was busy as usual, but we wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Warner and his best bud Rion singing at the bank.  They got to put a ornament on the tree and then sing up on the house top!  What a fun tradition the school does.  
Abbi had fun at her school Christmas party.  What a cute reindeer she makes!!
And Sophie was moms stay at home helper elf!!  We had a wonderful Christmas.  Spent time with family and friends.....we wouldn't have it any other way!

When there was snow :)

Warner couldn't hardly wait for the snow to fall.  He'd been waiting all year to ride his Kitty Cat!
He could ride this for hours in the back yard if we had the snow.  Hopefully he won't out grow it by next year!  He loves it!  This year they would tie the sled to the back and he'd pull Abbi around the yard.  At one point we thought she was sleeping in her sled.  Nope, she was just enjoying the ride!!
Abbi's all ready, just waiting for Warner to come and pick her up!  Ryan let Abbi actually try driving it this year.  She took off and went straight for the tree.  It's just fast enough that Ryan couldn't catch them!!  She didn't want to try again :(  Maybe next year!!

Annual Christmas tree hunt

What would the Christmas season be like if we didn't go risk our lives to find the perfect tree?  This year we figured we'd leave the snowmobiles home due to lack of snow.  But the higher we went the more snow we ran into.  Since Joe has the only truck to get through this kind of snow the boys dropped us off and we let the kids play in the snow.  Abbi, Syd and Sophie enjoying the snow!!
Warner decided to stay behind with us girls.  The last time he went tree hunting with the boys he came back exhausted!!!  He made the right choice!!!
Check out Oakleys sweater Denice made him.  I'm telling you this dog is the most spoiled dog I know!!!  My kids think it's our turn for Oakley to be ours.  Since she's been Lynzies, Peggy's and now Joes dog.   It's our turn :)
All the kiddos rolling around in the snow!!!  They were just excited to see snow!!!  Sophie, Andie, Syd, Warner and Abbi!
Grandpa and Grandma!!!  They are the reason for this fun family tradition!!!  

We went to the zoo!

Like I said we took advantage of the warm fall days!!  The kids had a day off of school so we decided to head to the zoo to meet up with our cousins.  Along with the rest of the state!!!  It was a fun time.  I forgot my camera, so these few cell phone pictures will have to do!  Warner wanted pictures everywhere we went.  He knew December was coming and that means he gets to do his birthday poster at school!  So needless to say he was posing everywhere we went!!
I just loved this picture of Abbi with her hair cut her brother gave her!  Never want to forget this!  She wears the pixie cut so well :)
And of course who doesn't get their picture with the apes!!!  A fun time was had by all!!

And that it was...a Happy Halloween

Sophie the Cheerleader, Syd the cat, Abbi her favorite, Pink-a-licious!!  And Warner as Darth Vader!!  They filled their sacks full of sugar and had a great time doing it!!!!

Halloween Happenings

Halloween came and it went....but will not be forgotten!  It was a warm fall this year and we surely took advantage of it!  Here is Abbi and her friends Ivy and Boston getting ready to go through the corn maze!

 And who could possible be behind that mask!!!  Warner is!  He and Rilee are ready to see if they can make their way through the maze!
 The corn maze wouldn't be complete with out our BYU cheerleader climbing up the hay!!!  Go SOPHIE!
 And who doesn't like to play to play in a pile of corn!
 Jump in the Hay!
 Rilee was at the top with Sophie to take her down.  On the count of three lets go Sophie.  One, two, wait...Sophie's gone!!!
 Lets roll Warner around the farm!
 And finally,the train ride!!!  What a wonderful time all the mamma's and kiddos had!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Atta girl!

Abbi is so not my girl! She loves to get dirty, play with bugs, she doesn't mind getting a shot at the Dr.s....she's just a brave little girl. The other day we picked Warner and his friend up from school. As we were walking into the house the boys were screaming like little girls.....there was a bee on the door step. Abbi walked right up, and with her big boggs stomped on the bee!!! Walked to the door, and told the boys not to worry she killed it! Oh, how I love this girl. She is such a quiet crack up.